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What are private real estate investments?

Private real estate investments involve qualified investors who purchase shares or debt in Income Producing Real Estate Properties, Value-Add / Development & Construction Projects, and Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs).

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Income Producing Real Estate Properties
Value Add / Development & Construction
Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)

We believe real estate investing should be more accessible.

Planning to invest in private real estate deals can be extremely challenging. Homebound’s software will save you time, frustration, and open new opportunities to build wealth.

Access exclusive private investment dealers

We partnered with the top private real estate dealers so you won’t miss any more opportunities.

Support for lower minimum investment thresholds

We’re showcasing established investment dealers that can support lower minimum investment thresholds for both accredited and eligible investors.

Educational tools for the knowledge to achieve your goals

We’ve created simplified blog posts to de-mystify and educate average investors about what to look out for before getting started in private real estate.

Diversification is the key

Why private real estate investments?

We believe private real estate offers benefits to investors that no other investment classes can. While others are making traditional investing simple and human, we’re making it faster and more diversified. We’re adding to the portfolio.


Homebound gave me access to investment dealers that I thought were only exclusive to money managers and real estate developers.

Jonathan ChowRMT at Myodetox

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